SunMoney Solar Group is a Community Solar Power Company that produces electricity from solar power plants in different countries. This electricity is being sold daily to either companies or to the public utility company. These buyers pay for the electricity monthly to SunMoney. You can become a part of SunMoney by simply purchasing a solar package from SunMoney, and you will have your own share based on the purchased amount of watts. Therefore you will get monthly payments for 25 years.
So, you can buy a solar package from SunMoney for EUR 500 to EUR 85,000. Electricity is being generated, being sold on your behalf to companies or the public utilities and you will receive a monthly income which will be yours from the 1st month to the end of the 25th year.

how it works

There is an exponentially growing demand for electricity. The present usage will double in the next 20 years and quadruple in the next 40.

electricity usage

The price of electricity is getting higher and higher every year. In 15 years the price will be 2 and a half times of today’s.


And as you can see, the use of solar power in electricity generation will be growing from 1 percent to 30 percent in the next 20 years.

So we have a product which is related to the most demanded utility, which price is increasing every year and also our product is making money from the Sun and solar power which is used more and more in generating that highly demanded utility.